Short Course

PolyChar has a tradition of having a day long short course before the start of the conference. The short course is a set of lectures by experts in the field describing different aspects of interest to the participants of PolyChar. This year the short course is set for May 9, 2016, and includes the following presentations:

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  1. Jean-Michel Guenet
    Basics of scattering techniques; neutrons, X-rays and light
  2. Alejandro J. Müller
    Structure and Properties of Semi-Crystalline Polymers
  3. Dusan Berek
    Polymer liquid chromatography
  4. Dirk W. Schubert
    Polymer Interfaces - Investigation, physics and application relevance
  5. Joseph A. Turner
    Viscoelastic Characterization of Polymers with an Atomic Force Microscope
  6. Witold Brostow
    Friction, Scratch Resistance and Wear
  7. Masaru Matsuo
    Diffractometry, including X-rays and light scattering
  8. Sven Henning
    Electron Microscopy of Polymers: Morphology and Micromechanics
updated: 2016-05-11