Detailed program

Monday, May 9
Opening (Hall No. 051)
Witold Brostow - Friction, scratch resistance and wear
Jean-Michel Guenet - Basics of scattering techniques; neutrons, X-rays and light
Coffee break
Joseph A. Turner - Viscoelastic characterization of polymers with an atomic force microscope
Masaru Matsuo - Diffractometry, including X-rays and light scattering
Alejandro J. Müller - Structure and properties of semi-crystalline polymers
Dirk W. Schubert - Polymer Interfaces - Investigation, physics and application relevance
Sven Henning - Electron microscopy of polymers: morphology and micromechanics
Dusan Berek - Polymer liquid chromatography
Tuesday, May 10
Opening (Hall No. 4)
IUPAC presentation
Artistic program
Plenary lecture (Hall No. 4)
4.20 EL FRAY Miroslawa - Nanofibrous Scaffolds From Enzyme-Catalyzed Multiblock Polyesters
Coffee break
Plenary lecture (Hall No. 4)
6.4 MALLON Peter - Nanocomposite electrospun fibres with carbon nanomaterials
Plenary lecture (Hall No. 4)
2.2 NEGAHBAN Mehrdad - Kinetics-Based Control of Grading in IPN Systems
Session 1 (Hall No. 2)
Nanomaterials and Smart Materials
Session Chairs: Ewa Stachowska, Dusan Berek
Session 2 (Hall No. 7)
Green Polymers, Green Engineering and Recycling
Session Chairs: Miroslawa El Fray, Masaru Matsuo
6.7. 14.00-14.25
Pickering Emulsion Polymerized Smart Composites and Their Electro-response
3.5. 14.00-14.25
INVITED SPEAKERDi Lorenzo Maria Laura
Crystallization and melting of poly(lactic acid)
6.10. 14.25-14.50
Preparation and Thermal Stability of Fluoroalkyl End-Capped Vinyltrimethoxysilane Oligomer/Boric Acid Nanocomposites-encapsulated A Variety of Low Molecular Weight Organic Compounds
3.6. 14.25-14.40
Kaschta Joachim
Long-chain branched polylactide by reactive extrusion using a multifunctional chain extender
6.8. 14.50-15.10
Pionteck Jürgen
Preparation of Graphite Derivatives by Selective Reduction of Graphite Oxide and Isocyanate Functionalization
3.1. 14.40-14.55
Akhlaghi Shahin
Deterioration of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber in Esterified and Hydrotreated Biofuels
6.1. 15.10-15.25
Aarya Suveda
Enhancement in Surface Properties of PVDF/BiFeO3 Nanocomposite thin films Induced by 12C+5 Swift Heavy Ion (SHI) Irradiation
3.7. 14.55-15.10
Kwiatkowska Magdalena
New Fully Bio-based Ester Block Copolymers: Synthesis and Characterization

Saiter Jean Marc
The future of the green materials
Coffee break
Session 3 (Hall No. 2)
Nanomaterials and Smart Materials
Session Chairs: Goerg Michler, Maria Laura Di Lorenzo
Session 4 (Hall No. 7)
Green Polymers, Green Engineering and Recycling
Session Chairs: Peter Mallon, Rameshwar Adhikari
6.6. 16.00-16.25
Crystallization and Morphology of Triple Crystalline PEO-b-PCL-b-PLLA Triblock Terpolymers
3.9. 16.00-16.25
INVITED SPEAKERProciak Aleksander
The Effect of Bio-components on Foaming Process and Selected Properties of Polyurethane Foams
6.11. 16.25-16.50
Wongkasemjit Sujitra
Catalytic Activity Study of Copper Ferrite
3.4. 16.25-16.45
Brostow Witold
Composites containing recycled polymers and waste fillers: Recycled polyethylene with wood sawdust
6.3. 16.50-17.05
Luangaramvej Pimchaya
Catalytic study of metal-promoted mesoporous ceria catalysts toward hydroxylation of phenol
3.8. 16.45-17.00
Nesic Aleksandra
New Biobased Bags Made From Apple Pectin
6.9. 17.05-17.20
Rynkowska Edyta
Behaviour of Novel Crosslinked PVA/Ionic Liquid Membranes in Contact with Polar Solvents
3.10. 17.00-17.15
Strzemiecka Beata
New Ecological, Active Fillers Based on Lignin for Abrasive Industry
11.1. 17.20-17.35
Weiss Marek
Tribological Characterization of Nanoscale Adhesion and Friction Phenomena between Fluoroalkylsilanes and a Silicon AFM Tip
3.2. 17.15-17.30
Andrzejewski Jacek
The Use Of Natural-Synthetic Fibers Mixture For Compression Molding Of Hybrid Composites
9.1. 17.35-17.50
Anyszka Rafał
Properties and Characterization of Sulfur-Organic Copolymers
3.3. 17.30-17.45
Balakrishanan Preetha
STARCH Nanocomposites Reinforced with Cellulose Nanocrystals From Pineapple Leaf Fiber
2.3. 17.50-18.10
Okamoto Shigeru
Thermoreversible Order-Order Transition between OBDD and OBDG Studied by SAXS and SCFT

Wednesday, May 11
Session 5 (Hall No. 2)
Characterization Methods and Structure-Properties Relations
Session Chairs: Azman Hassan, Alejandro Müller
Session 6 (Hall No. 7)
Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Session Chairs: Hyoung Jin Choi, Hideo Sawada
1.14. 09.00-09.25
Comparison of the Influence of Mesoporous Silica (MCM-41) and Cerium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Ce:YAG) on the Properties of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)
4.16. 09.00-09.25
Properties of Nanofibers and Medical Applications
1.5. 09.25-09.45
Berek Dusan
Molecular Characterization of Constituents of Complex Polymer Systems
4.4. 09.25-09.45
Gakhutishvili Marina
Structure and Antibacterial Properties of AgNO3 and As2O3 Doped Poly(vinyl chloride) Composites
1.7. 09.45-10.00
Causin Valerio
Approaching Forensic Analysis From a Polymer Science Perspective: The Measurement Of The Molecular Weight Of Polymeric Trace Evidence
4.6. 09.45-10.00
Dou Xiaoqiu
Amino Acid-based Supramolecular Hydrogels for Biological Applications
1.8. 10.00-10.15
List Manuela
Characterization of an ethylene-vinylmelamine-copolymer
4.7. 10.00-10.15
Głowala Paulina
Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Microspheres for Theranostic Applications
1.16. 10.15-10.30
Teymouri Yadollah
Morphological Changes from Solvent-Induced Crystallization in Polyethylene by Compact NMR
4.8. 10.15-10.30
Goonoo Nowsheen
Third generation κ-Carrageenan-Based Blend Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering
1.3. 10.30-10.45
Bandzierz Katarzyna
Study on Elastomer´s Network Structure by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
4.10. 10.30-10.45
Horn Marilia Marta
Biomimetic scaffolds of chitosan and carbon nanotubes
1.10. 10.45-11.00
Kumar Manish
Preparation and Characterization of PMMA/Cu-Cr LDH nanocomposites via Melt Intercalation Method
4.11. 10.45-11.00
Janus Marta
Study Of Fish Skin Collagen By Viscosimetric Method
Coffee break sponsored by Grupa Azoty
Session 7 (Hall No. 2)
Characterization Methods and Structure-Properties Relations
Session Chairs: Jean-Michel Guenet, Fernando Ania
Session 8 (Hall No. 7)
Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Session Chairs: Achim Frick, Sujitra Wongkasemjit
1.1. 11.30-11.55
INVITED SPEAKERAdhikari Rameshwar
Epoxy Resin Toughening via Styrenic Block Copolymers Induced Nanostructuring
1.15. 11.30-11.55
In vitro Study and Evaluation of Polylactide-Based Magnetic Spheres as Efficient Carriers for Anticancer Drug Delivery
1.13. 11.55-12.15
Levinskas Rimantas
Behaviour of Calcium Hydrosilicate Slabs under Thermal Shock Conditions
4.12. 11.55-12.15
Jesionowski Teofil
Organic templates of poriferan origin for bioinspired hydrothermal synthesis of advanced biocomposites
1.4. 12.15-12.30
Basson Neil
Investigation of the amorphous domain cooperativity in complex copolymers and their nanofiber analogues by Temperature Modulated DSC
4.13. 12.15-12.30
Jiang Siyu
Control of Cell Adhesion and Detachment on Patterned Thermoresponsive Poly(di(ethylene glycol)methyl ether methacrylate) Brushes
1.11. 12.30-12.45
Renner Heinz
Measurement of Thermophysical Properties on Thin Film Materials
4.17. 12.30-12.50
Ogbonna John Dike Nwabueze
Characterization And In vitro Evaluation Of Hybrids of gelatin A And Carbopol 971P Based Amodiaquine Hydrochloride Microparticles
1.9. 12.45-13.00
Alkan Cemil
Preparation and Characaterization of Sodium Neutralised Partially Sulfonated Polyvinylalcohol as a Thermochemical Heat Storage Material
4.18. 12.50-13.05
Olatunji Ololade
Comparative Study of Transdermal Delivery of Ferrous Gluconate Using Solid and Dissolving Biopolymer Microneedles
Session 9 (Hall No. 2)
Multitopic session
Session Chairs: Elżbieta Bociąga, Riaan Luyt
Session 10 (Hall No. 7)
Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Session Chairs: Teofil Jesionowski, Manfred Wagner
6.12. 14.00-14.20
Thomas Sabu
Engineering at the Nanoscale: State of the Art, Challenges and New Opportunities
4.15. 14.00-14.20
Schönherr Holger
Tailored Cellular Microenvironments with Decoupled Biochemical Cues, Mechanical Properties Nanopatterns and Controlled Topography in 3D
7.1. 14.20-14.40
Fielden John
Polyoxometalate-Organic Hybrids: New High Performance Materials for Photonics and Solar Energy Conversion
4.19. 14.20-14.40
Salinas Soler Yolanda
Developing novel materials as emerging biomedical nanoplatforms
7.2. 14.40-15.00
Avanesyan Vachagan
Infrared Spectroscopy Characterization Of The Capton H Polyimide Films
4.1. 14.40-15.00
Saunier Johanna
How drug sorption in plasticized PVC is impacted by the plasticizer ratio and nature?
2.1. 15.00-15.15
Moyassari Ali
Modelling and Simulation of Semi-crystalline Polyethylene
4.2. 15.00-15.15
Bartel Marta
The polymer spheres with silver nanoparticles: antiseptic agents
1.2. 15.15-15.30
Khalaf Muayad
New Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Formation Water Media from Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate
4.9. 15.15-15.35
Hameed Shahid
Conjugation of Antidiabetic Sulfonylbenzimidazolones With Low Molecular Weight Hydroxyethyl Starch as In-vivo Drug Carrier
7.4. 15.30-15.45
Esra Öztürk
Synthesis and Photoluminescence Study of Er3+-DOPED Ho2Sn2O7 Strucutre

Poster session with refreshments
Thursday, May 12
Session 11 (Hall No. 2)
Fibers, Interfaces and Composite Materials
Session Chairs: Rimantas Levinskas, Jolanta Tomaszewska
Session 12 (Hall No. 7)
Mechanical Properties and Performance
Session Chairs: Karol Bula, Ana Maria De Guzzi Plepis
5.5. 09.00-09.20
Kharitonov Alexander
Reinforcement of Epoxy Resin and Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composites with Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes and Multilayer Graphene
10.3. 09.00-09.30
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hybrid Graphene/Kenaf Fibre Polypropylene Composites
5.6. 09.20-09.35
Kumanek Bogumiła
Electrical and Thermal Properties of Polymer Composites Including Anthracite as Carbon Filler
10.6. 09.30-09.45
Nowicki Marek
Nanomechanical analysis of specific nucleated isotactic polypropylene
5.2. 09.35-09.55
Flores Araceli
The Overlooked Role of Graphene in the Reinforcement of Hydrophilic Polymers
10.1. 09.45-10.05
Ogawa Takeshi
Effects of diphenylbutadiyne on the aging of polyvinylchloride
5.1. 09.55-10.15
Brostow Witold
Novel Antimicrobial Hybrid Materials
10.7. 10.05-10.30
Schubert Dirk W.
Cyclic Loading Of Silicone Breast Implants Influence On The Failure Statistics - A Model Study
5.8. 10.15-10.30
Majka Tomasz
Novel approach of montmorillonite modification for flame retarded polyamide 6 nanocomposites
10.9. 10.30-10.55
Zamfirova Galina
Some "Pitfalls" in the Microindentation Research on Polymeric Materials
5.3. 10.30-10.50
Spadaro Marcel
Process influences on the materials interface of an injection molded hard-soft-component

5.7. 10.50-11.05
Liu Dongming
Influence of Nanoparticle Surface Treatment on Particle Dispersion and Interfacial Adhesion in LDPE/metal oxide (Al2O3, ZnO, MgO) Nanocomposites

Coffee break
Session 13 (Hall No. 2)
Rheology, Solutions and Processing
Session Chairs: Dirk W. Schubert, Marek Szostak
Session 14 (Hall No. 7)
Mechanical Properties and Performance
Session Chairs: Jurgen Pionteck, Aleksander Kharitonov
12.3. 11.30-12.00
From Linear Viscoelasticity to Nonlinear Constitutive Modeling of Polymer Melts
10.4. 11.30-12.00
Jakob Bernd
Dependency of residence time and screw configuration in twin screw compounding
12.1. 12.00-12.15
Kaschta Joachim
Rheological monitoring of the density for polyethylene materials cross-linked using different cross-linking technologies
10.2. 12.00-12.20
Frick Achim
Rotational Cone Tribometer (RCT) for Approaching the Tribological Behavior of Hard and Soft Sealing Materials under Dynamic Line Contact
12.2. 12.15-12.30
Aldeer Muayad
Rheological Properties of filled HDPE Composites with Maleated polyethylene (MAPE) as compatabilizer
8.1. 12.20-12.35
Janus Marta
Estimation Of Graphene Oxide Content By Viscosimetric Methods
13.1. 12.30-12.45
Rosen-Kligvasser Jasmine
Multifunctional Additives for Polyethylene Thin Film Applications
10.5. 12.35-12.50
J Maria Hanna
Dispersion of nanoclay and its extend of Compatibilization in immiscible Natural Rubber /Nitrile Rubber blends
7.5. 12.45-13.00
Pourrahimi Amir Masoud
The synthesis and use of metal-oxide nanoparticles in polyethylene for future high-voltage-direct-current insulation cables

Meeting with the Rector of Poznan University of Technology (Hall No. 2)
Conference photo
Visiting Poznan University of Technology, touristic program and SciCom meeting
Conference dinner
Friday, May 13
Session 15 (Hall No. 2)
Multitopic session
Session Chairs: Jean-Jacques Pireaux, Holger Schönherr
1.6. 09.30-10.00
Bluemich Bernhard
Characterization of Polymer Materials by Compact NMR
4.3. 10.00-10.15
Benkaci-Ali Farid
Environment pollutants and volatile oil composition by Head space solide phase micro-extraction-GC/MS from some plants by in-situ cryogenic (N2, -196°C) collected
6.2. 10.15-10.30
Kharitonov Alexander
Tunable, Hydrophylicity/Hydrophobicity of Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes Via Gas-Phase Grafting of Monomers
5.4. 10.30-11.00
Alkan Cemil
Increasing Wettability Polyacrylonitrile Fiber with Vinyl Acetate Comonomer Insertion
7.3. 11.00-11.15
Jaroszewski Konrad
Characterization of the Polymer Composite: Bi2ZnB2O7:Pr3+ Nanocrystals Incorporated Into the PMMA Matrix
1.12. 11.15-11.30
Levinskas Rimantas
National Open Access Scientific Centre for Future Energy Technologies: Opportunities and Outcomes
6.13. 11.30-11.45
Zafar Famine
Microwave-assisted synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of nanostructured coordination polymers based on Cardanol derived di-ol and divalent metal ions
Prizes and closing of the conference (Hall No. 2)

The conference will cover such scientific areas of polymeric materials for emerging technologies as:

  1. Characterization Methods and Structure-Properties Relations
  2. Predictive Methods, Modelling, and Simulation
  3. Green Polymers, Green Engineering and Recycling
  4. Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
  5. Fibers, Interfaces and Composite Materials
  6. Nanomaterials and Smart Materials
  7. Dielectric, Electrical, Magnetic, Optical and Optoelectronic Properties
  8. Polymers in Electronics and Optoelectronics Devices
  9. Progress in Polymer Synthesis
  10. Mechanical Properties and Performance
  11. Characterization with Scanning Probe Microscopes
  12. Rheology, Solutions and Processing
  13. Processing and Properties of Semicrystalline Polymers

Invited Speakers

  • Rameshwar ADHIKARI, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Epoxy Resin Toughening via Styrenic Block Copolymers Induced Nanostructuring
  • Maria Laura DI LORENZO, Istituto per i Polimeri, Compositi e Biomateriali (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), Pozzuoli, Italy
    Crystallization and Melting of Poly(Lactic Acid)
  • Mirosława EL FRAY, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland
    Nanofibrous Scaffolds From Enzyme-Catalyzed Multiblock Polyesters
  • Azman HASSAN, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
    Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hybrid Graphene/Kenaf Fibre Polypropylene Composites
  • Hyoung JIN CHOI, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea
    Pickering Emulsion Polymerized Smart Composites and Their Electro-response
  • Riaan LUYT, Qatar University/University of the Free State, Doha, Qatar
    Comparison of the Influence of Mesoporous Silica (MCM-41) and Cerium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Ce:YAG) on the Properties of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)
  • Peter MALLON, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Nanocomposite Electrospun Fibres with Carbon Nanomaterials
  • Goerg MICHLER, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
    Properties of Nanofibers and Medical Applications
  • Alejandro MÜLLER, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, San Sebastian, Spain
    Crystallization and Morphology of Triple Crystalline PEO-b-PCL-b-PLLA Triblock Terpolymers
  • Merhdad NEGAHBAN, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
    Kinetics-Based Control of Grading in IPN Systems
  • Aleksander PROCIAK, Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland
    The Effect of Bio-components on Foaming Process and Selected Properties of Polyurethane Foams
  • Suprakas Sinha RAY Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa
    In vitro Study and Evaluation of Polylactide-Based Magnetic Spheres as Efficient Carriers for Anticancer Drug Delivery
  • Hideo SAWADA, Hirosaki University, Hirosaki, Japan
    Preparation and Thermal Stability of Fluoroalkyl End-Capped Vinyltrimethoxysilane Oligomer/Boric Acid Nanocomposites-encapsulated A Variety of Low Molecular Weight Organic Compounds
  • Manfred WAGNER, Polymer Engineering and Physics TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    From Linear Viscoelasticity to Nonlinear Constitutive Modeling of Polymer Melts

POSTER Presentations

Characterization Methods and Structure-Properties Relations

Bauer K., List M.
Determination of catalyst residues in polyolefines
Bohacik P., Kadlecova M., Podzimek S., Spacek V.
Characterization of star-like polymers by SEC Coupled to Multi-Angle Light Scattering Photometer and On-line Viscometer
Choi S.-K., Kim S., Jeong G.-W., Choi C., Nah J.-W.
Prediction of the morphology of alpha & beta-Chitosan
Czarnecka-Komorowska D., Sterzyński T., Dutkiewicz M.
Structural characteristics and enhanced mechanical properties of polyoxymethylene/octakis [3-glicidoxyprophyl)dimethylosiloxy]octasilsesquioxane nanocomposite
Dobrzyńska-Mizera M., Dutkiewicz M., Sterzyński T., Di Lorenzo M.L.
Polypropylene-based composites containing sorbitol-based nucleating agent and siloxane-silsesquioxane resin
Enrique P., Vega J.F., Martínez-Salazar J., Ania F., Flores A.
Mapping a Polymer Banded Spherulite by Nanoindentation
Fainleib A., Starostenko O., Vashchuk A., Grigoryeva O., Rogalskyy S., Grande D.
Novel Porous Polycyanurates Generated Using Ionic Liquids as Porogens
Hanafi M.
The Study of the Catalytic Reforming Process Using the Bifunctional Catalyst Pt / Re for Obtaingin High Octane Number of the Gasoline
Kim S., Kim S.-Y., Lee S.-K., Kim S.-D., Lee S., Kim B.-G.
Polydiacetylene-Based Colorimetric Chemosensor for the Detection of Food Spoilage
Matykiewicz D., Dudziec B., Sterzyński T.
Curing kinetics of epoxy resin with metallasilsesquioxanes
Piszczek K., Lewandowski K., Jagodziński B., Lewandowski M.
The Migration of The Plasticizers from PVC Cable Insulation
Zieleniewska M., Bryśkiewicz A., Auguścik M., Zawadka M., Szczepkowski L., Bąk S., Ryszkowska J.
Structure - properties relationship of semi–rigid polyurethane foams

Predictive Methods, Modelling, and Simulation

Bechert M., Schubert D.W., Scheid B.
Practical Mapping Of The Draw Resonance Instability In Film Casting
Suzuki K., Nomura K., Okamoto S.
Thermoreversible Order-Order Transition between OBDD and OBDG Studied by SAXS and Paracrystal Theory with Particle Distortion

Green Polymers, Green Engineering and Recycling

Rani R., Kaur P., Kaur G., Sharma V.
Catalytic Degradation of Polystyrene waste
Sartore L., Schettini E., Bignotti F., Pandini S., Dey K., Vox G.
Biodegradable Containers from Green Industry Waste
Seslija S., Spasojevic P., Panic V., Popovic I.
Novel approach in improvement of native pectin properties: Modification using chlorides of renewable carboxylic diacids
Sharma V., Pandey A., Agarwal D.D.
Recycling of PET-bottles using Hydrotalcite as Degradation Catalyst
Strzemiecka B., Jamrozik A., Matykiewicz D., Klapiszewski Ł., Voelkel A., Jesionowski T.
Synthesis and Evaluation the Usefulness of Polybenzo-1,3-oxazines and Oxidized Lignin as Binders in Abrasive Articles
Techasomboonsuk S., Komolwanich T., Chaisuwan T., Luengnaruemitchai A., Wongkasemjit S.
Effect of Zymomonas mobilis TISTR 548 on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae TISTR 5596 for bioethanol production
Woźniak-Braszak A., Knitter M.
Molecular dynamics study of thermoplastic starch and isotactic polypropylene blends

Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Bartkowiak A., Rojewska M., Wilczewska M., Iwanek D., Olejniczak-Rabinek M., Lulek J., Prochaska K.
The Influence of Biological Fluids on Surface Properties of Mucoadhesive Polymer Materials Containing Fluconazole
Massimino L.C., Horn M.M., Amaro Martins V.C., de Guzzi Plepis A.M.
Elastin scaffolds coated with carbon nanotubes. Preliminary studies of mineralization
Daenicke J., Schubert D.W., Gedde U.W., Hedenqvist M.S., Linde E., Sigl T., Horch R.E.
Analysis Of The Diffusion Properties Of Cyclic Siloxanes Through Silicone Elastomers – Influence Of Crosslinking And Penetrant Size
Dippold D., Schubert D.W., Beier J.P., Boccaccini A.R.
Aligned PCL/Collagen electrospun nanofibers for skeletal muscle tissue engineering using benign solvents
Kuznetsova E.S., Zharkova I.I., Bonartseva G.A., Myshkina V.L., Mahina T.K., Bonartsev A.P., Shaitan K.V.
The two-stage leaching technique for porous 3D-scaffolds manufacture from poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates)
Mencel K.
Evaluation of thermal properties of PLA/HNT composites
Paczkowska M., Gościańska J., Garbacki P., Cielecka-Piontek J.
The studies of influence of a new siliceous excipients on cetririzine
Szatkowski T., Falak P., Ehrlich H., Jesionowski T.
Skeleton of Marine Sponges as a Support for Hydrothermal Mineralization of α-Quartz

Fibers, Interfaces and Composite Materials

Barczewski M., Matykiewicz D., Maciejewski P.
Hybrid Polypropylene Composites Containing Basalt Powder and Glass Fiber
Bryśkiewicz A., Przyjemska K., Chojnacki P., Ryszkowska J.
Flexible Polyurethane Foams With The Addition Of Wood Flour And Wastes From Food Processing
Giri J., Lach R., Le H.H., Grellmann W., Radusch H.-J., Michler G.H., Saiter J.M., Henning S., Adhikari R.
Reinforcement of Biodegradable Copolyester by Wheat Stalk Microcrystalline Cellulose
Graczyk M., Kijanka M., Sterzyński T.
Production and characterization of hybrid iPP/iPP SRC composites with flex fibers reinforcement
Kahraman Döğüşcü D., Alkan C.
Wettability of Poly(acrylonitrile-co-2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate) Copolymer As A Potential Fiber Polymer Through Surface Energy Calculations
Meijer F., Bula K., Kucharski D., Stachowska E.
Non-destructive Deformation Measurements and Defect Testing of Polymer Structures
Pan Y., Liu X., Schubert D.W.
Conductivity and phase morphology of carbon black filled immiscible polymer blends under shear in the molten state
Tomaszewska J., Klapiszewski Ł., Pawlak F., Jesionowski T.
The Influence of Silica/Lignin Hybrid Filler on the Processing and Structural Properties of Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
Trzaska O., Kaczmar J.W.
The Shear Strength of The Hybrid Polymer-Metal Joints Formed During Injection Molding Process
Wojciechowska P., Tichoniuk M., Maciejewski H.
Antimicrobial activity of gelatin-siloxane hybrid films
Zahour S., Mazian B., Saiter A., Turner J.A., Saiter J.M.
Thermal characterization at the interface of a polyester bi-component fiber used for building thermal insulation
Zamfirova G., Gaydarov V., Faraguna F., Vidović E., Jukić A.
Influence of Side Chains Length on The Properties of Some Series of Polymethacrylate Copolymers and Their Nanocomposites

Nanomaterials and Smart Materials

Anyszka R., Bieliński D.M., Siciński M., Imiela M., Gozdek T., Pietrzak D., Pędzich Z., Zarzecka-Napierała M., Ziąbka M., Szumera M., Parys G., Rybiński P.
Progress in Field of Ceramifiable Polymer Composites
Dey K., Vaidya S., Agnelli S., Sartore L., Ganguli A.K.
Facile Design of Porous 3D TiO2 Nanostructures and Their Electrochemical Activity
Skórczewska K., Tomaszewska J., Sterzyński T., Piszczek K.
The Study of Structure and Processing Properties of Poly(Vinyl Chloride)/Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites
Skrzypiec M., Studzińska M., Wamke A., Karasiewicz J., Prochaska K.
POSS Nanoparticles as Solid Surface Wettability Modifiers
Yunvises S., Wongkasemjit S., Chaisuwan T., Luengnaruemitchai A.
Effect of Synthesis Parameters on Mesoporous Zirconia Structure
Stejskal J., Sapurina I., Trchová M., Ayad M.M.
Polypyrrole Nanotubes with Noble-Metal Nanoparticles
Trchová M., Stejskal J., Bober P., Morávková Z., Prokeš J.
Conducting Poly(p-phenylenediamine)/Silver Composites

Dielectric, Electrical, Magnetic, Optical and Optoelectronic Properties

Liu X., Pan Y., Zheng G., Schubert D.W.
Rheological and Electrical Behavior of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Carbon Black Composites As Investigated by Creep Recovery in Shear
Matkovska L., Iurzhenko M., Mamunya Y., Boiteux G., Serghei A.
Ion-Conductive Electrolyte Based On Epoxy Oligomer Doped With Lithium Perchlorate Salt
Mysiukiewicz O., Rogodzińska M., Sterzyński T.
Specific Electrical Properties of CB-filled Polyethylene Composites
Öztürk E., Karacaoglu E., Sarilmaz E.
Sm3+-Activated Ho2Sn2O7 Structures and Photoluminescence Properties
Qu M., Schubert D.W.
Conductivity of Melt Spun PMMA Composites with Aligned Carbon Fibers
Ziegmann A., Klaußner S., Schubert D.W.
Measuring the Dielectric Breakdown Strength Of Silicone Elastomers – Avoiding Experimental Artefacts

Mechanical Properties and Performance

Bieliński M., Czyżewski P., Kościuszko A.
Investigation of the Resistance to the Environmental Stress Cracking of High Density Polyethylene Parts
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Investigation of Bonded Joints Deformation by Using IR Thermography
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Development of a model for the mechanical behaviour of polypropylene nonwovens for different test directions and strain rates
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Blowing agents influence on HDPE bottle properties
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Mechanical Properties of Moldings Made of ABS Colored by Various Coloring Agents
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Processing Conditions vs Mechanical Properties of Moldings Made of Colored Copolymer ABS
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The influence of grinding on the thermomechanical properties of plastic parts made of polypropylene

Rheology, Solutions and Processing

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Rheological behavior of chitosan/pectin polyelectrolyte complex containing grape seed extract
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Rheological effect of mangosteen extract on chitosan/collagen mixtures Milan
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The influence of processing conditions on the polypropylene apparent viscosity measured directly in the mould cavity
updated: 2016-05-11